Retirement planning for ages 60 and up

You’re getting close– what’s needed next?

**Dial down the risk level in some of your investments

**Get an estimate of your Social Security benefits

**Find out how to maximize your Social Security benefits

**Find your safe withdrawal rate, so you don’t run out of money


Fidelity Investments recommends you have 8 times your annual salary saved by age 66. Consider visiting a financial planner.


Smart planning can result in a bigger income for retirement. Use good retirement planning calculators and create your personal plan for when and how you’ll leave the world of work.

Think creatively if you haven’t saved a large nest egg.

**Consider shared housing–a growing and popular trend for women who want to live in a supportive community and reduce housing costs. Golden Girls anyone?

**Make your investments work harder  by choosing low-fee types of investments so you keep more.

**Look into lifetime annuities if you worry about running out of money before you run out of life.

“Learning to create abundance is a process of growth; it may require changing
your thinking and expanding your beliefs about what you deserve to have.”
Sanaya Roman