Retirement planning for age 50-59

It’s time to really focus on what you’ll need when you reach retirement.

**Are you saving enough?

**Are your investments getting the growth you need?

**After 55, are you looking at ways to reduce risks?

Fidelity Investments offers a benchmark for where you should be. At age 55, they recommend that you have about five times your annual salary saved up. So, if you are earning $50,000 per year, you should have about $250,000 saved for retirement, to be on track.

Not there yet? It’s never too late to get started, or to make a commitment for your future.

Don’t be one of the millions of women living in poverty during retirement. According to a study done by the Employee Benefits Research Institute, more than half of the women who are over age 75 and live alone also live in poverty, with incomes of less than $10,000 per year—that’s under $833 per month.

Your future is up to you.