Ideas worth money

I love the abundance of Fall, with plump orange pumpkins, swirls of colorful leaves and trees loaded with apples. Plus there are candy apples and that Thanksgiving feast—oh my!

Fall is all about “transition and abundance.” What are you doing to transition into more abundance in your life?

Here are five ideas worth money.

Put your cash to work: find the highest paying insured accounts.

Value of this with $10,000: up to $450 more over 5 years

Raise your contribution to your 401(k) or employer plan 1%

Value of this: varies, but worth at least a thousand dollars more over 5 years.

Reduce Investing costs:

Value of this on a $50,000 portfolio over 5 years: varies, could be $4,559 more in your pocket*

Maximize your Social Security check before you take it:

Value of this: varies, but could be $10,000 or more over your lifetime.

Start a tax-free Roth IRA:

Value of this: You get to keep it all after retirement—bye-bye Uncle Sam’s taxes**

Never underestimate the power of small actions to make a difference to your prosperity! And since action is never done in the future, seize the current moment—today– to move closer to what you want.

Need help deciding what actions will be most profitable for you? I’m offering a special deal on financial coaching the week of November 26-30!


Ideas Worth Money week: November 26-30


Enjoy the abundance of the season next week at Thanksgiving and special time with family and friends.


*Reduce investing costs: This example uses $50,000 earning 6% a year and compares a mutual fund costing 0.25% a year vs. 1.75% a year in fees.

**Start a tax-free Roth IRA. You must have earned income or self-employment income to do an IRA. To qualify for the maximum contribution, your income must be less than $110,000 if filing single status and joint income must be less than $173,000. Roth IRA must be held at least 5 years and until age 59 ½ or later to be tax-free.

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