Retirement calculators

Here are over a dozen tools to get answers to the retirement planning puzzle:

Kiplinger Retirement Calculator

This next one asks a series of questions, but provides a more accurate and precise picture.

T. Rowe Price retirement calculator


Bankrate– Large selection of online calculators   

List of all retirement calculators

How much to retire?

Convert Traditional IRA to Roth IRA calculator

How much Social Security might I get?

Retirement planner calculator

Annuity calculator

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Is your retirement plan on track?

What can a 401(k) savings plan do?

How long will my savings last?

How big a retirement nest egg do I need?


These public calculators are listed here for your estimated planning. Different calculators will produce different results, based on the assumptions each calculator uses. The Silver Purse does not warrant the accuracy of information on websites listing the above tools and calculators.