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Disability Insurance

Insurance helps guard against large losses that could undermine financial security for women. There are many types of insurance, but it’s best to focus on insurance that protects you in places where losses could hurt the most. Disability insurance is one of those areas. Think of it as income replacement insurance. Personal finance advice for […]

Get Financially Naked

Book Review Authors: Sharon Kedar & Manisha Thakor Adams Media, 208 pp Reviewed by Lea Ann Knight, CFP® Who wouldn’t crack open this book, if just for the provocative title? Aimed at those of us who would rather have a root canal than talk about money with our significant other, Get Financially Naked provides numerous […]

Retirement and IRAs

By Robin Applegarth CRPC® Retirement planning is more important than ever for women in their 20s thru 60s. Social Security may not provide as much as it did for older generations. You should plan on funding much of your own retirement. But doing so requires a plan and an early head start. Whether you’re 25 […]

Mutual funds

How do mutual funds work? By Robin Applegarth CRPC® This question is best answered by a visit to the store. Grab your silver purse and let’s go. We’ll pick up some smart personal finance tips for women. But first, for beginner investing, let’s review a definition of mutual funds. They are a pooled bunch of […]

Early Retirement

Retiring early can bring pleasures as well as pitfalls. Before you take the big leap, carefully consider your readiness by looking at all the parts of the puzzle. Early retirement has no definite age. It could be defined as leaving the work force before federal benefits such as Social Security are available–age 62.  Or, leaving […]

Psychology of Money

How do emotions, habits, and beliefs impact financial success? Explore the topic of Behavioral Finance to understand what may be holding you back on the path to financial security. All of us come with a history of how our own parents related to money. Were there examples of charitable giving? Do you remember any lessons […]

Money and relationships

Sharing financial duties and planning together are good ways to keep a relationship healthy. Your partner’s money habits may be different from yours, but the key to understanding lies in communication. Whether you’re married, engaged, or in a relationship, there’s a need to bring up the topic of money at some point. Here are tips […]