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Contribute to an IRA

By Robin Applegarth CRPC® I’m a big fan of IRAs–Individual Retirement Accounts. I started saving in these tax-advantaged investments before I had access to a qualified employer plan. I like the Do-it-Yourself aspect of IRAs. The Roth IRA is especially great if you don’t ever want to pay taxes on your investment. Robin Roth IRA […]

Set goals

Defining personal goals Goal setting is a creative process that can pay big dividends. Identify where you’re going and your path becomes more clear. Setting goals requires posing some questions to yourself and waiting for the answers. They may come immediately, or they make take a few days or longer. Personal finance for women starts […]

red candy apples

Ideas worth money

I love the abundance of Fall, with plump orange pumpkins, swirls of colorful leaves and trees loaded with apples. Plus there are candy apples and that Thanksgiving feast—oh my! Fall is all about “transition and abundance.” What are you doing to transition into more abundance in your life? Here are five ideas worth money. Put […]

Which insurance do you need?

By Robin Applegarth CRPC® There’s an old proverb about closing the barn door after the horse has run away. It’s acknowledging there’s not much point in taking precautions after the danger has already passed. Recognizing a personal finance or money risk, and preventing it or preparing for it is always wiser. This is the role […]