We love  your comments about our products and services! Here are a few of them.

“Robin opened doors to leads I needed to investigate for jobs–she’s a terrific brain-stormer for job and financial needs. She re-kindled my spirit.”

Kay B., Palm Desert, CA.

“How to say it…but as I left your place I could slowly feel my power coming back…like my [financial] life was going to get better. I spent the afternoon parked by the lake, taking in the scenery and reading the materials you’d given me…I was flowing over with new enthusiasm and hope…thanks so much, Robin! I look forward to our next meeting.”

Dawn S.,  CA.

“My eyes were opened and we were able to nail down concrete goals as well as a foundation for my future. For example, both a new retirement fund investment and a modified health insurance plan helps me feel more confident and protected for the future.”

Paige M, CA.

“[You made the IRA set-up] super simple, and honestly? Perhaps, moment for moment it was the best investment of time I’ll ever make!”

Suzi V.,  CA.

Roth IRA call and ebook

“Financial topics including ‘retirement account options’ have for the most part always baffled me with their complex, confusing details.

However, after listening to Robin Applegarth’s tele-class on Roth IRA’s, I feel I now have a good understanding of that topic to be able to make wise choices in my own retirement planning.

Robin explained the information in easy to understand terms using references to other more common life experiences which I found helpful. I appreciated her calm, friendly and professional speaking style which kept the presentation moving along at a comfortable yet unhurried pace. This class was content-rich, with no fluff and clearly and confidently presented by someone with seemingly a lot of experience in the area of financial/retirement planning.

I would gladly recommend Robin’s e-book or audio recording of this tele-class to anyone who is having questions about choosing a Roth IRA.”

Brent MacPhail, M.A.

Sarasota, Fl.

Classes and workshops

Women and Money Conversation Cafe

“I wanted to change my thoughts regarding my ability to support myself adequately. For me, I needed to feel that I had a team to encourage & support my journey, my successes, opportunities & bumps in the road…. This class was invaluable to me.

Conversation Cafés…are a place for women who dare to take control of their financial present & futures; to become enlightened, encouraged & empowered. Thanks Robin! I am grateful for your kindness and wisdom.”

Beth, California


“I’ve never been so broke in my entire life, and had a curiosity about what the group might be like. …I’ve gained some valuable tools for the present and future.

I really want to make it a habit to read something about money every day. Doing little exercises with the group during meetings was a good experience. What a fabulous group of women! Thank you SO much Robin for helping us and being so generous with your time!”

Glenda, California